Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 6.44.20 PMInstead of applauding her courage, she is punished by her country for fighting terrorists. Where is the logic behind that?

A 22-year-old Danish-Kurdish woman who fought against the terror group Isis in Iraq has had her passport confiscated by Danish authorities.

Joanna Palani stepped forward in the Danish national press last year to say that she had left Denmark to fight against Isis in Iraq.

“I would rather die in battle than on the run,” the 22-year-old told Politiken newspaper.

But over the weekend, while back in Denmark on what she thought would be a temporary break from fighting in Iraq, Palani wrote on Facebook that she has had her passport confiscated.

“The police and PET [the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, ed.] have taken my passport and forbidden me from leaving Denmark. That puts me in the dilemma that I cannot continue my service down there as a soldier,” Palani, who came to Denmark as a refugee at age three, wrote.

In addition to having her passport revoked, Palani also faces a one-year travel ban which took effect on September 29th.

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