DARING STRAY DOG: Saves Woman From Two Attackers and is Rewarded With…

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.18.20 AMThe stray recognized something was wrong and reacted. I wonder how many people would have done the same?

A British student being attacked by two men in Greece was saved by a stray dog.

Georgia Bradley, 25, has now rescued the dog and brought her to the UK.

Two men approached Georgia on a remote beach in Crete and asked her to go for a drink.

When she refused, one grabbed her arm.

Her boyfriend was in a nearby cafe but luckily a scruffy black stray dog ran over and started barking at the men.

The dog defiantly stood her ground and the men walked away.

Pepper shot out of nowhere, jumped up at me and began barking and licking my hand, and that made the men think twice.

She saved me. She must have noticed something was wrong. When I went back to the apartment she followed me and finally let us stroke her. We had an instant bond.

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