Darlington County: Break-in Suspect Shot in ‘Buttocks’ by Victim

running_awayOne of three burglary suspects was shot by a victim when they tried to break in to a Darlington County home, deputies said.

Investigators with the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office arrested three  burglary suspects after they forced their way into a house in Darlington County.

Officials say that one of the suspects tried to kick in the back door of the residence in the 1300 block of Farrow Ridge Court.

“When the door failed to open, the suspect went around to the front door. The victim was home in the bed and woke up to the kicking on the back door. The victim grabbed a hand gun as the suspect kicked in the front door. The victim shot at the suspect as he came into the home,” deputies said in a press release.

The suspect entering the home ran out the door and was picked up by the two other suspects in a black SUV, deputies said.

Deputies responding to the 911 call were able to…


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