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With hundreds of people wishing for his death, Darren Wilson breaks his silence over the shooting. Check it.

Officer Darren Wilson has broken his silence to say his conscience is clear and he does not think he could have done anything differently in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

In a preview on Tuesday, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos told viewers that he spent more than an hour with Wilson in a ‘secret location’ less than 24 hours after a grand jury decided he would not be indicted over the August shooting.

He said Wilson told him that he is ‘sorry’ for the death of the 18-year-old, but that he would not do ‘anything differently’.

‘He says he did what he was trained to do. He has a clean conscience over his actions that day,’ Stephanopoulos said.

Wilson, who wore an open-necked blue shirt for the interview, said he did not shoot at Brown’s back.

He insisted Brown reached into his squad car and grabbed for his gun and that is why he feared for his life.

He described how Brown later charged toward him and when he did not raise his arms to surrender, he felt that he had to shoot.

Stephanopoulos said he asked Wilson if the situation would have been different if Brown were white and he said the 28-year-old officer responded, ‘Absolutely not.’

Wilson is on paid leave while the Police Department conducts an internal review of the Brown shooting to see whether Wilson violated any policies.

Today a relative of Wilson told of the constant death threats they face and insisted that the Ferguson officer did not shoot Brown because he was black but because he believed the teenager would kill him. 

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