DAWN OF THE LIBERAL ZOMBIES: Manhattan Hit with Protests from Several Activist Groups

These zombies won’t literally eat your brain, but they will certainly kill some of your cells if you listen to them too long. Check out why these various group of ‘activists’ decided to protest.

At 5 AM on a chilly morning in New York, hundreds of organizers and protesters were already gathering near the Fox News/News Corp. building in preparation for a series of planned events around a variety of Democrat-aligned issues including raising the minimum wage, union issues, the push for immigration reform, and attacks on leading Republican candidates.

All updates are Eastern time:

10:39 AM: Tweets under the hashtag #FightFor15 show scenes from protests around the country:

9:27 AM: Barriers have been erected outside the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

image1 (10)

9:05 AM: Organized “Fight for $15” protests are going on all across America, from New York City to Los Angeles to Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri, and more:

8:55 AM: 

7:28 AM: Protesters gather outside the set of Good Morning America:

6:44 AM:

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