DEAR AMERICA: Is It OK To Allow MEN In The Women’s Bathroom?

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.49.04 AMWhat say you reader? Should a man who thinks he is a woman be allowed in the women’s public bathroom? Give us your thoughts below.

No, it’s not okay in a civil society to allow biological males into the women’s bathroom.
Even in the increasingly dystopian far-left vision for tomorrow, this is still a sick, yes SICK, proposal. The far-left has grossly overestimated their battlefield strength in their never-ending war on our culture, and their new front, the battle for bathroom privacy and safety, is going to be a major loser for them. Here’s why. The far-left thinks they are fighting a savvy public relations battle in the culture war. But the majority of Americans, not aligned with the increasingly deranged far-left, are fighting a totally different battle. They are fighting for the dignity, the privacy, and most importantly, the safety, of their daughters and their wives. And this is a battle they are unwilling to forfeit or lose, REGARDLESS of the legal penalties, or the division-politics labels the far-left will disingenuously throw at them.

Let me insert a caveat here by stating that I embrace the fact that the Lord has created every individual life for a reason and that every one of those lives is a unique and irreplaceable set of experiences. I sincerely do not wish emotional pain on anyone conflicted over which bathroom they should use, but these feelings of empathy take a distant second place to my desire to keep my 12 and four year-old daughters safe. For all of the far-left bluster about what these new bathroom rules are and aren’t, they cannot run, or hide, from the FACT that a man, with all of his male physiology intact, can claim on any given day that he identifies as a woman and follow my daughter into a bathroom.

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