DEAR FAKE NEWS A**HOLES: Here Is What the Crowd Really Looked Like at Trump’s Inauguration

Personally, I was there. I saw the crowds and the protestors. From what I could tell, the supporters out weighed the protestors by the THOUSANDS. However, you get ‘fake news’ a**hats who want to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and show that no one cares. Hence the post below.


Thankfully CNN’s photo featured on gigapixel, which allows you to zoom in with the most amazing quality, shows the true story. Shocking it’s coming from CNN, I know, but the proof is in the pudding with these images.



When I was entering the ‘Red Gate’ section there were protestors blocking the entrance to the swearing in. Luckily I was able to get past them, but I’m not certain if this was the case for everyone.

With the bad weather and the threatening protestors, this is one hell of a crowd to show up. Click on the gigapixel link above and zoom in, scroll left to right and you will see.


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