DEAR LIBS: Islam is Beyond Homophobic

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.54.43 AMForward on to all your liberal friends.

How idiotic, feckless and just plain brain-dead are liberals? While these insufferable windbags are supporting and promoting same-sex marriage–they are also hard at work aiding and abetting the one ideology that is beyond homophobic–Islam.

That’s right: Beyond homophobic.

Lost in all the left-wing euphoria over last week’s ruling on same-sex marriage by SCOTUS was the simple fact that ISIS was tossing gays from rooftops in both Iraq and Syria.

And just why was ISIS committing such blatant acts of savagery? Because under Islamic law (sharia)–homosexuality is punishable by death.

That’ right: Death.

Yet, despite this chilling reality–liberals steadfastly (if not zealously) preach that Islam is a religion of “peace” and “tolerance.” In fact, viaCommon Core–they are teaching this lethal lie to millions of highly impressionable school children across the country.

Yep, as I mentioned–adding and abetting.

While liberals are the biggest supporters of a Palestinian State–Palestinian homosexuals are fleeing Gaza and the West Bank in order to escape persecution and, or execution. One Palestinian official recently stated that “it would be shameful to have the flag of gays in our refugee camp.”

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