Dear Melania Haters: There is Nothing to Hate About FLOTUS’s Independence Day Message

First Lady Melania Trump has been criticized, almost too harshly, by the left for everything she has done.

When, if she was not Trump’s wife, they would typically celebrate her for all the accomplishments in her career; especially being a migrant.

Melania is either  too beautiful, too cold, too exotic or too quiet.

Ummm… hello feminists, do you see a problem with that?

She has also been criticized for making Barron, her son, a priority in her life. Apparently being an attentive parent is bad.

Of course, her modeling career is the main target of criticism from the left.

But what this all is really about is her marriage to President Trump.

This Independence Day, however, Melania Trump cannot be scorned for her message to the American public.

And if she is, then the left has some real issues.

Happy 4th, people!

Don’t let the liberals keep you down.

h/t Allen B. West

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