DECEPTION: VA Attempts to Trick Veterans into Registering their Guns to a Federal List


Gotta love it when your government deceives you through a medical program to try and track your practice of the second amendment.

Any rational minded person understands that the reason you have a firearm registry is in order to make it easier to confiscate those weapons later.  I mean, a registry doesn’t stop crime, it doesn’t help solve crimes either unless someone actually LEAVES the gun behind, and it doesn’t make anyone safer.

What it does do is give the Federal Government an EZ Pass on the highway of tyranny.  This is of extra import when it comes to military veterans as the Obama administration has all ready made it clear that  it views veterans as a terrorist subset of Americans.

Case in point, Operation Vigilant Eagle, a program launched by the Department of Homeland Security in 2009.  Military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are being characterized as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.”

How easy is it to get on the Obama crap-list?  Post something negative about him on facebook or write a disparaging song about him and put it on youtube.

Sounds crazy right?  Not so crazy to 27 year old Marine veteran Brandon Raub,  who was arrested in 2013 by a swarm of FBI and Secret Service and forcibly detained in a psychiatric ward for a week.  His crime?  Posting controversial song lyrics and political views on Facebook.

Here’s an example of his “dangerous” and “radical” facebook statements:

“The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force. People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them.”

In a hearing on Aug. 20, government officials pointed to Raub’s Facebook posts as the reason for his incarceration.  The scary part is that a “Special Justice” ordered he be held for 30 additional days for evaluation and “treatment.”  I’m sure a lot of “treatment” can take place in a month. Just look at China; they have treatment centers for people who speak out against the government too.

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