Delusional Woman: Michelle Obama, Americans ‘Take For Granted’ what Barack has Done for U.S.

6a00d834515c5469e201a3fd37cade970b-500wiAre we supposed to bow and kiss the ring too, Michelle? Barack has done nothing but destroy this great nation. You want Americans to appreciate him for that?
At a Washington, D.C., fundraiser, Michelle praised the president for having been the first black president.
“Just think about how different our country looks to children growing up today,” she said. “Think about how our kids take for granted that a black person or a woman can be President of the United States.”
What her comments unintentionally echoed, however, were the scathing remarks offered by ultra-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore recently who claimed that Obama has achieved nothing more than simply having been the first black president.
Michelle also blasted Americans for “taking for granted” what Obama has done for the nation.
“They take it for granted that for the first time in history, there are three brilliant women serving on our Supreme Court,” she said. “They take for granted that their president will end hurtful policies like ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ they’ll speak out for gay marriage.”

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