Dems Pushing for Pelosi to Revive Single-Payer Healthcare, This Needs to Be Shut Down NOW!

Unless you enjoy living in a socialist world, this could be one of your worst nightmares. We know we don’t like it one bit! After Speaker of the House Paul Ryan failed to deliver on his healthcare promises, Dems realized they had an opportunity to pounce. They are urging Pelosi to revive the “single-payer” option for national health care. Meaning a government-run system. Yeah, no sane person wants this.

A local San Francisco public radio station KQED reported:

“I extend my hand to the president if he wants to improve the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi told a crowd of several hundred people gathered at a town hall meeting at Balboa High School in San Francisco.

The first audience question was more of a long argument for a socialized health system that some are calling “Medicare for all,” which would eliminate insurance companies.

Pelosi, unruffled by the at times unruly crowd, noted: “I supported single payer since before you were born.”

She did not commit to the idea but that could change at any time. The so-called “public option” is loved by Dems far and wide. When they had to give it up when Obamacare was in the works, they were heartbroken.

But they have dreamed of the day that Obamacare would be replaced with this option. In fact, many conservatives have accused Democrats of setting up Obamacare for it to fail! All this just so Democrats could eventually introduce their socialized medicine as a replacement — the “Trojan Horse” tactic. Do you believe this theory?

Whether or not that is true, we do know one thing for certain. If you think things are bad now, just wait. They could be so much worse.

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