Deputy tells man: ‘I’m gonna feed you to the f*ing alligators…

American alligators (Alligator mississipMIAMI (CBS4) – A Broward Sheriff’s deputy caught on camera unloading a torrent of obscenities and threats — including death at the hands of alligators — at a man being investigated for causing a disturbance was issued a written reprimand and allowed back on the force.

The video from a patrol car of a Florida Highway Patrol trooper captures Deputy Alan Dubinski speaking to Jessie Merchant, a man with whom Dubinski has a law-enforcement related history, as Merchant was being investigated for causing a disturbance.


  • Steve Curley

    I take issue with Trooper Lawrence Petraglia who reported the incident and the supervisor. Petraglia sounds like a starry eyed rookie, the kind that can’t read a situation and would start getting an itchy trigger finger.

    The kid got a tongue lashing, didn’t run and he nor Dubinski exchanged blows. Officer Dubinski was actually pretty calm considering he deals with this kind of stuff and worse everyday. The kid got lucky. Who know’s but it might have gotten ugly between the other 2 cops and the kid if Dubinski didn’t show up.

    Hopefully the kid finally got scared straight.


  • Paul Sutliff

    As rough as this gets with the threats the piece that is missing is what happened to cause the threats from the police officer. Did the person threaten to harm someone? Did he threaten the officers family? Had he been stalking someone? Until the whole picture is in place, as gruesome as this sounds these questions need to be answered.

    • Sharon

      Excellent point.

    • Chicken_Shiite

      So let me see if I am following what you are saying. You imply Jessie Merchant may have done something wrong and in turn this gives the officer the right to threaten to feed him to the alligators and thus end his life.

      Two wrongs don’t a right make.

      Just saying.

    • jimonthebeach

      Those questions don’t have to be answered. That’s just silly as were the deputies threats. As a former police officer in San Diego and deputy sheriff in Florida, I can tell you that there is no excuse for that conduct. That’s unprofessional behavior verging on thuggery. If cops want to be treated professionally, they have to act professionally.
      If someone commits a crime, you arrest them and you you wahtever force is necessary to effect that arrest, You don’t threaten to murder them. If you don’t have probable cause to make an arrest, it might be appropriate to caution them, but you don’t stand around to curse or threaten to kill anyone. That’s how the bad guys behave.

  • worldwatchman

    I think there are many different approaches the Deputy could have taken that would be severe in language but, wouldn’t have sounded like he needed to be arrested himself. There’s that old addage of being scared straight without threats like this Deputy did. I am behind law enforcement but, not the ones who give good Deputies, Troopers and Police Officers a bad name. To me, he qualifies as one who gives them a bad name.

  • OldDocBen

    Sorry, but as a former cop this is a perfect example of the “us vs them” mentality. Cops will always protect cops. Here in IN a drunk cop killed a civilian and the Sheriff’s Association publicly supported this (repeat) drunk offender. Remember too, these will be the people who come to take your guns when the Marxist-In-Chief makes gun owners into criminals. If he chooses to make me a criminal then I will act like one.

  • Reginald Zenkewich

    f you or I had made those same statements to any government employee WE would be put in jail and held for trial for verbal assault and life threatening remarks, but a cop can intimidate zany one with his threats and all he gets is a repremand? He should have been suspended without pay for 3 months if not longer ! ! ! ! !

  • Charlie

    No matter what this officer was way out of line.

    • Sharon

      Sounds like Rodney King all over again. None of us ever saw that entire video, we assumed the beating was all there was. Until we know EVERYTHING, it behooves us to keep an open mind.

  • James Maxwell

    We have all seen incident where a police offier crossed the line while on duty. In some cases they have tried to over up or protect them. IN some cases they have prosocuted
    them to the full extent of the law. Not all police depts are corrupt but like ever group
    there are some who cross the line. A good police dept will identify the individual and
    remove them from office as fast as they can be identifyied. Most of the time it is
    done with little fanfare to protect the reputation of the rest of the officers who do a
    very good job all the time.

  • Stealth

    As a member of the AMERICAN FEDERATION of POLICE and CONCERNED CITIZENS, I must state that this cop ( and MANY these days LIKE him ) are simply UN-FIT to BE cops and should be terminated, PERIOD!! And you cops who practice the ‘code’… PROTECTING A-HOLES…is jus BEICOMING one YOURSELVES!

  • marineh2ominer

    That is the perfect example of the cops morphing from ” to protect and serve ” to intimidate and harasse ” . As far as anyone in the injustice system is concerned today ” we the people ” are are all guilty until WE prove our innocence . All this has spilt over and run down from our leadership in the United States injustice department in DC ,ie: the feds .

  • opsman

    This is they type of guy who does not need to be carrying a gun, and the type of guy who definitely does not belong on any police force. To think he actually believes that his conduct is perfectly acceptable. What an ass, I bet he was pissed cause he got interrupted from his donuts.

  • kenistaz

    I don’t really see a big problem w/what the officer did.It did not look like the officer was making any aggressive moves towards the guy and if you listen to the absurdity of the threats it sounds more like a father scolding his son for doing something really stupid.Although I agree maybe he should not have used so much cussing in the process.But as the outcome of the situation resulted in the desired effect and nobody was hurt or arrested and given the prior contact between the two,I don’t see any real problem.When I was a kid I had a police officer who used to do this kind of thing to me and some of my friends when he would catch us being stupid.But thinking back I really appreciated him doing that instead of arresting us and giving us all a record for being dumb kids.

  • Reb Biker

    Much ado about nothing. You could tell by the cop’s tone of voice that he wasn’t screaming and acting like a mad man. He didn’t lose his cool or thrash about or hit the guy. He was just trying to deal with a mental reject upon whom logic would be, and had been in the recent past, ineffective. Looked like to me the cop did his job well. Lunatics and stupid people are hard to deal with.

    • Shadow_58

      Reb Biker, I agree 100%.

    • Big Track

      You are so right Reb Biker,If this kid has a mental problem,he dosn`t need to be driving a car.

  • coconuisse

    These kinds of deputies are the evidence of the NEED for citizens to have guns. There is obviously no mental screening of applicants for such jobs. IF you have a gun, that mere fact may be enough to keep the psychotic power-seeker from bullying you. Obviously, you would lose if an actual shootout, because all of the nut-case’s fellow officers would come to his defense, guns blazing, but hopefully the situation would not escalate that far.

  • barbiecakes

    THe officer obviously has had run ins with the kid before. I think he treated him like a pain in the ass kid brother.

  • Big Track

    They aught to give this cop a medal,the man was weaving in and out of traffic,He could have killed a car load of people,and this wasn`t the firs time he had been stopped.

  • Pizzed Off

    An off the wall, out of control, deputy. Wonder what he’ll do if someone who’s really a problem confronts him. Someone not so harmless.

  • Weasel Chaplin

    If it were a civilian making those same threats to another civilian he would have been arrested for threats against life, disorderly conduct and possibly disturbing the peace. Merchant was only being investigated for causing a disturbance. That does not warrent Dubinski’s reaction in my opinion. Law enforcement officers put up with a lot of crap, but unfortunetly that comes with the job. They are a reflection of all other law enforcement officers and should act accordingly.

    • Reb Biker

      Lord only knows what that cop had been put through by that wacko before this video was produced. We shouldn’t judge a book by a paragraph on page 587.

      • studi30

        Well Reb lets look at this another way. If this were a libturd judge letting a criminal off because the criminal had a bad life growing up(bleeding heart) saying” Lord only knows what kind of life he has had” would that have been an excuse. It was right at the moment that counts,no what kind of day or past history. The cop was very unprofessional and an excuse for libturds too point a finger and say look at that Redneck Cop this is what you find in the South.

  • 1Adam12

    Problem lies in management, that allows this to continue. Officer should be in severe jeapordy. Public opinion is the strongest support for the police. This action further distances people from police and encourages more violence.

  • Charles Durham

    The idividual should file a civil suit against the cop for making those kind of threats and file a federal criminal complaint.

  • Marcia (Freemer) Kar

    What is wrong with the deputies in Florida? Have they all gone crazy?


    As a Lawman, and former Trooper, this is the kind of crap that makes citizens lose all respect for law enforcement! The Director of the Florida Highway Patrol needs to be canned, and a new Director appointed! Hopefully the citizen will file a civil law suit against the officer, the Highway Patrol, and the State of Florida! Criminal charges of official oppression should also be filed with the United States Attorney!…

  • Reb Biker

    Looks like my opinion is squarely in the minority this time. I have a lot of cops in my family, and I do tend to give them the benefit of the doubt most of the time. But still, if I could go back in time to the scene of every traffic ticket I’ve ever been issued, and was allowed to choose between getting that ticket or an ass-chewing and being told I was going to be fed to alligators, I’d choose the alligators every time. Hearing the alligator story a few dozen times sure would have saved me a lot of time, money, and aggravation over the past 41 years.

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