Desperate Syrian women turn to prostitution

swAs the Syrian death toll mounts, as millions continue to be displaced, a new tragedy has emerged as initially reported by the Associated Press (AP).

In Jordanian refugee camps, Syrian women are resorting to selling their bodies for sex to enable them to pay for basic requirements such as food and money to send back to relatives who have yet been unable to flee Syria.

“Come in, you’ll have a good time,” suggests Nada, 19, who escaped from the southern border town of Daraa into Jordan several months ago. Her father sits outside watching silently. Nada prices her body at $7, negotiable. She says she averages around $70 a day.

Syrian men who fled jobs in their native country are reportedly offering their wives for sex. “You can have her all day for $70,” promises a former barber from Idlib. He says he never imagined he would be selling his own wife, but he needs to send money back to his parents and in-laws in Syria, about $200 a month.

The AP news agency spoke to 11 prostitutes in the UN-run refugee camp in…


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