Details are Leaked of FBI’s ‘Investigation’ into Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen–Baffling Lack of…

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.28.25 AMOmar Mateen used our PC culture to his advantage, as it is revealed he made statements of being connected to terrorists. When officials asked about this, he stated he only made the comments because he was being BULLIED for his religion.

New details are emerging about the FBI’s investigation into Omar Mateen – the man who would go on to kill 49 nightclub revelers in the worst shooting in U.S. history.

An FBI agent and Florida sheriff’s deputy conducted a joint investigation into the 29-year-old security officer from May 2013 to March 2014, but eventually closed the case and deemed Mateen not a threat.

Now the agency is retracing their steps to determine whether any mistakes were made in the investigation that could have stopped Mateen before he carried out the June 12 massacre.

‘We don’t have a crystal ball, unfortunately,’ one senior FBI official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told the Los Angeles Times. ‘We went right up to the edge of what we could do legally, and there was just nothing there.’

Multiple FBI officials spoke to the Times this week to explain what led them to investigate Mateen, and what their team turned up in the process.

One thing senior officials admit is that they could have looked more into Mateen’s social media accounts.

However, they also said that in 2013, such checks were not yet ‘part of our investigative DNA’.

Even if they had looked into Mateen’s Facebook activity, it wouldn’t have turned up anything useful.

Analysis after the shooting shows he didn’t have any ties to terrorists on any of his social media sites and only posted radical statements the night of the shooting – messages that were only available to his friends and not the public.

His computer, on the other hand, had been used in recent years to view extremists videos including gruesome ISIS beheadings.

But it’s not a crime to watch these videos and FBI officials say they didn’t have enough probable cause back in 2013 to obtain a search warrant that would have revealed these searches.

The agency was first informed about Mateen, the American-born son of Afghani immigrants, in May 2013 by the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

At the time, Mateen was working as a security guard at the county courthouse, which the sheriff’s office oversees.

Sheriff’s office officials told the FBI that several of Mateen’s co-workers had complained about  him claiming connections to terror groups like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah and said that he expressed a desire to die as a martyr.

While the agency receives tens of thousands of threats a year, they decided to investigate Mateen seriously since he worked in a courthouse, had access to guns and the tip came from a law enforcement agency.

After hearing the tip, an FBI agent and local sheriff’s deputy were assigned to carry out a preliminary investigation into Mateen – a probe that usually lasts for six months but can be extended up to six.

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