Did Hillary Clinton BLACKMAIL Comey into ‘Not Recommending’ Charges Against Her?

More and more scandals seem to be popping up. Some might be true, others not. Here is one that is surely interesting. We’ll let you be the judge if you believe it or not.

Blackmail is an effective way to control people, especially politicians. So was Comey blackmailed by Hillary and that’s why he didn’t recommend charges? If Hillary knew about the FBI wiretapping, that could have lead to this outcome.

Yesterday, TGP reported that FBI Director Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s wiretapping claim. Did he order the wiretap? Yesterday, Mark Levin named the FBI as one of the agencies involved in a blistering interview with Fox News.

It appears that Hillary Clinton was aware of the wiretap because she tweeted about it one week before the election.

Loretta Lynch also met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport right around the time of the first FISA request. Could Bill have then passed the information about the wiretapping plan to Hillary in order to help her win the election? Or at least avoid charges?

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