DISGUSTING: Look At What This HuffPost “Editor” Said About The Attack In Alexandria

What. A. Scumbag.

Most of the country is appalled at the attack earlier and hopes that all injured will have a safe and quick recovery.

Except for this douchebag.

Wow. Violent resistance. Because “attempted murder” is so passé.

As you can guess, many were not pleased with Jesse…

Right now the Left thinks it’s fashionable and fun to be fascists, just so long as you don’t say the word fascist. Because then you’re a fascist.

But they’re convinced that we’re the fascists, and fascists are evil.

…Except when they’re being fascists. Then they become anti-fascists because they can’t stand seeing other people take over their very special label that they secretly use for themselves. But don’t tell them that because then they’ll call you a fascist.

Man, trying to think like a Leftist is hard work.

Almost makes me want to hide in a safe space.

But I’m a conservative. I don’t believe in safe spaces.

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