• http://www.facebook.com/throbbit.kevlar Kevlar Pajamas

    Somebody better get it done……….and fast.

  • MarylandShooter

    LOL, good. let’s shut the doors. the less they do, the less damage they do.

  • fedfreakinup

    Debbie is an abomination.

    • Slim Jim

      I think you mean she is an “Obamination” :)

      • fedfreakinup

        I like it

  • http://www.facebook.com/BruceTheConqueror Bruce Barrett

    2.4% cut in increased spending….not even a cut. just a reduction on what otherwise would increase more. that is considered tragic by bo? this government of ours is destroying america. time to cut and go back to zero budgeting and cut out the waste and stop spending

  • http://www.facebook.com/carline.long Carline D. Long Jr.

    What is truly Irresponsible and Traitorous is the way the administration is leading our people to utter collapse!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Broussard/100000569719030 Paul Broussard

    Time to hit Alt-Ctrl-Del on the Government Keyboard!

  • Victor

    I don’t care what side of the Party Line your on, they both seem to be letting the FED Bankers stick their hands in their pockets and play with what makes them feel good about selling out the American people. Both Sides are Corrupt, and their hoses need to be burned down and rebuilt with Honest People who want to serve their constituents.

  • vonveezil

    Ole Watterboard-Schitz. She always just brings us dribble. Obummer is the one who thought up the sequestration , not the Republicans. Obummer put it in there in case the gang of 6 didn’t do its job. Did you see who the 3 Democrats were on that committee? One is now Sec. of State. Both sides put hardcore right and left in there and expecting anything to get done would have been a miracle. Obummer knew all along that no deal would get done from the start. It’s his way of cutting defense spending but it also takes down all other depts. I say cut deep , hard and long. 45 billion in cuts out of 1.7 trillion is a drop in the bucket.

    • Made_in_the_USA

      I don’t think $45B could even be considered a drop in the bucket. This is just a simple way bHo has contrived to destroy our economy, and we’ll be in such a shambles, very few will be able to survive the chaos that they have planned for all of us. But bHo and his minions will be safely tucked away in their new bunker beneath the WH for the foreseeable future. I don’t like huffington post, but check this out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/12/white-house-big-dig-remai_n_1877484.html

      • vonveezil

        To you and i 45 billion isn’t a drop in the bucked. But to the bloated Monster called government that is spending 37 times more than the 45, it really is piddly.
        Let me in there for a month and I’ll make reasonable cuts to all depts and get us on a road to balance. The government waste is horrible. Do we really need a $200,000 study to see how Italian fishermen decorate their homes? There are thousand and thousands of these type of things wasting money. Foreign aid should be cut off entirely. Some depts. could be merged and cuts massively. We have 1 million non essential government workers at least. Non essential means , we really don’t need them. I just saved us 250 billion bucks by the way.

  • 32eagle

    DebberWassy has yet out done her ignorance yet again and the democrats will scurry like rodents to try to hurry up and attack gun control like fiendish drug addicts they will throw wild numbers into the fire to complete their evil deeds and pass a budget-pelosi may get her caldron out and throw in a witch’s brew while witch doctor BORAX has his secret kenya ritual-these filthy vermin are disgusting

    • http://www.facebook.com/mfernandez57 Michael Fernandez

      No Eagle, you’re wrong on one point; the democRATS won’t pass a budget. I mean, they haven’t passed one in 5 years, why start now?

      • 32eagle

        Fern, they love to steal our money then waste it-watch and see how many trillions this budget will be-they are in a hurry -spend spend spend

      • TexasJester

        Uh – try 7 years. After the rats took control back in 2007, they didn’t post a budget – so when Der Führer was elected, it had been 2 years by then that a budget hadn’t been passed.. Most people either don’t realize this, or have forgotten..


    she made me urp my breakfast;; how ugly can a person get?????

  • Camden

    I am so tired of “Debbie Downer”!


    freeze spending at the 2000 levels;; that is a real reduction. since Bush was also a progressive; dems can lament the Clinton wonder years [not]; that also was a fictitious scenario fabricated by the left wing media. the tech bubble was really a morality [clinton’s lack of]; bubble.

    • TexasJester

      Good idea. They can then spend at the Clinton levels, since the rats seem to love him so much..

  • bsouthey@ymail.com

    The only people more ignorant than Debbie are the absolute fools who keep voting for tripe like this!

  • Joe Goldner

    evening we will talking about The Fair Tax with Fair Tax Nation, we also
    have a special guest in Aphrodite Jones of the TV show New True Crimes
    and then we will have Jennifer Mary talking about The Word Of God. Plus
    open mic Sunday. So join in this Sunday Feb. 24th from 8pm to 10pm est.
    The call in number is 347-327-9601.

  • Joe Goldner

    The idea of sequesta came from Obama and the White House not congress. Also this is not a cut in the budget but actually spending just 2.5% less then originally proposed so this does not cut any programs at current rates. This means that Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Dems are doing what they always do and that is use scare tactics and lies to get their policies supported by the American people. it is time that the American people get woken up and get educated before one day they wake up one morning and find out that they have no country and lost all their freedom.

    • RummRunner

      They won’t get “woken up”. Putting them to sleep was part of the plan. The American electorate is an uneducated low information lot. The “media” is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the administration. The Sheeple (see Democrats) are happy to be led to the slaughter.

  • dad666

    More Dumocrap lies and distortions to force their agenda on the people and try to make it look like the evil Republicans are at fault. This was Obozzo’s idea and tHe Dumocraps pushed to get this deal rammed through and set up this whole scenario and now they are crying like a spoiled child caught in his own evil plans. Grow up and take your medicine. Consider it a down payment on the rath that The people are going to bestow upon you in the coming days. Your lies and deceptions have been exposed and the whole world is watching you go down.

  • Arizona_Don

    The main thing about this administration that is irresponsible is the out of control spending to think we have to borrow, print or digitize forty six cents out of every dollar the government spends is imbecilic at best. The same liberal progressives who now support Barack Obama’s trillions in debt were shouting stupid at Bush for his billions in debt. Both were ignorant out of control spenders and if it makes any difference Obama is many times worse than Bush ever was. This nation has not had a responsible president since Reagan and he was questionable on some things like the contra debacle.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is just a lying conniving liberal progressive (progressivism equals communism and she is communistic).

    Where have all the honest patriotic men gone? Are there any anymore? Lets hope and pray we can find one for 2016 and there is something left of this once great nation to save. At the current pace however, unless congress starts doing its job there may not be.

    The question remains however, is the goal of Barack Obama to totally destroy this nation? The answer may be found in this full length documentary.


  • sgtshel

    If we were the Directors of a company that had not come up with a balanced budget in the last 4 years————–WE WOULD FIRE THE CEO! JUST LIKE OBAMA DID WITH GM!
    (which was totally against the law!)
    So what the heck are we waiting for??

  • Ranchman

    We need to sequester Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the rest of the Socialists in our govt. These people are the epitome of evil today. Marxism, in ANY form, is a blight on humanity. Bring back McCarthyism! Bring back Ronald Reagan! Americans need to stand united against the encroachment of this insidious political ideology which is responsible for over 200 million murders of citizens in the 20th Century, most at the hands of their own governments! Obama is a Marxist, period! What makes a Marxist a Marxist if not for their policies, rhetoric and actions? Wake up America before Marxism robs us of every chance for happiness, prosperity and freedom in this country. Wake up and fight back!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    According to the Constitution, the federal government is supposed to run the post office, build the roads, and provide national defense. Everything else, the government has decreed for itself. Most of the things Sweet Debbie is whining about are things the feds shouldn’t be involved with in the first place.

    Just as a side note, the Post Office is drowning in debt, the roadways are falling apart, and the military is becoming a shambles.

    • rulken1

      Your absolutely right! People tend to forget the role that the Federal government is suppose to have. Congress has enabled the federal government to grow, to increase their own voting base, and the Oval office is assuming to role of Dictatorship.
      The federal government has never been able to do ANYTHING, within budget, but we are suppose to trust,, they will be able to handle our health needs?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

    I guess the “low information voters” would fall for this crap… but the average intelligent voter knows that a university professor is NOT hired by the federal government, but by the university itself. Firemen and policemen are not paid and hired by the federal government, but by the local municipality, and their salaries, for the most part, are paid by local property and sales taxes, as well as state income taxes. Very little of the federal government money is trickled down to the local level, except in the case of grants that are applied for, by the local muncipalities. So, all of this crap spewed out by Obama, and Wasserma-Schultz, et al, is just plain FEAR-MONGERING!

  • rulken1

    Wasserman is such an ignorant woman, that I only listen to her to get a good laugh!
    HELLO! The “sequester” cuts nothing! Say it with me, THE SEQUESTER CUTS NOTHING! As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even stop the stupid squandering of American taxpayers funds! Sequester will delay nothing! Sequester will cut future spending by 2.4%! That’s it!

    • TexasJester

      And you can propose future spending for anything!

      Say you’re proposing spending $1 trillion on polar bear relocation. Then you actually “budget” $250 billion. You can say you just cut spending by $750 billion, and look like a hero, but in reality, you’ve just wasted $250 billion!!

      • rulken1

        You hit the nail right on the head!

  • rulken1

    If Wasserman Schultz, had a brain, she would probably take it out, to play with it!

  • Average Joe

    I think shes A specal kind of stupid

  • James Maxwell

    The supposedly cuts of 2% do not exist. They merely mean that the POS in the white
    house will have a few pennies less to give to his pet projects of welfare and voter buy
    programs. It does noting towards actually reducing the actual debt of the United States
    that he has inflicted upon our naiton. Also this was his plan from top to bottom and he
    has the choice of which programs to recude spending in. So not matter how they
    try to spin it this is all on obamas back and he is responsible period,

  • Chained

    The reality of it is we are in WAY over our heads and there is no way on Gods green earth we can repay the high double digit trillions we owe no matter what plan they come up with and they know it. There will be an economic collapse of epic proportions and not just here but world wide. This is one reason for their gun control scheme and why they are stocking up on arms and ammo just as we are. They know there will be chaos among the people, rioting in the streets and what has them really scared that we own weapons is that we will come after them because we know what they have done…destroyed the nation with their greed and lust for power. We were on our way out anyway but in comes Obozo to give us that final push over the edge and for that I hope he burns in hell.

  • http://twitter.com/mhirtzsr Melvin J Hirtzel Sr

    Why do ALL of the nut jobs appear to be Democrats??? Now, I know the Republicans have some but, the unreasonable, sick people are always out there delivering the dumbest rationale ever…

  • Jeff

    Wasserman Schultz said the only ones who benefit are the wealthiest Republicans??? According to newsmeat.com and forbes.com, most of the 20 wealthiest Americans supported both parties and special interest groups! Wake up America, this isn’t the 1950! Tell your representatives to quit the political power BS and support the U. S. Constitution, which they all took an oath to do, and do the correct things for the United States. If they don’t vote them out of office, or we will be the new Europe (Socialist & completely indentured)!

    Compiled by Michael-E.com

    Person Company / Business Political Party
    Bill Gates
    Microsoft Democrat
    Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Democrat
    Larry Ellison Oracle Democrat
    Christy Walton Walmart Democrat
    Charles Koch Koch Industries Republican
    David Koch Koch Industries Republican
    Jim Walton Walmart Republican
    Alice Walton Walmart Republican
    S.Robson Walton Walmart Republican
    Michael Blumberg NYC Mayor Democrat
    Sergey Brin Google Democrat
    Larry Page Google Democrat
    Sheldon Adelson Casino Owner Republican
    George Soros Financier Democrat
    Michael Dell Dell Computers Republican
    Steve Ballmer Microsoft Democrat
    Paul Allen
    Microsoft Democrat
    Jeff Bezos Amazon Democrat
    Anne Cox Chambers Cox Communications Democrat
    John Paulson Paulson & Co. Republic

  • golfnut6

    A decrease in the increase is not a decrease in spending. As in, I didn’t buy 3 Ferrarris — I only bought 2.

  • AZWarrior

    Debbie Demented= The lipschiit that keeps on giving. What an assclown!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.taylor.12720100 Joseph Taylor

    I can’t even hardly stand to listen to her talk! The toxic lies that pours out of her mouth is to scare the uninformed americans into thinking we’re all going to die if we but the brakes on the rate of spending. She is a big joke just like O bla bla is. The people of america can see right through this Illegal Immigrant in the WH so why can’t Congress see it? HUMMMM? Huh,,,,,,,,,their ALL in on this together. The Congress holds the purse of the country but continues to fund this Imposter even though they know his plan for america’s destruction! Yeah, we’re in DEEP shat america and NOBODYS coming to save us! There’s snakes in the WH and they have an agenda thats not going to be good for us. Look close at her talking, you can almost see her forked tounge as she lies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    I have seen rocks smarter then this gal, ahe is real loser without a brain, just says what the masters want her to say, dumb.

  • e111w

    Perhaps there is something Wasserman-Schultz might consider? Ask her: “What part of Sieg Heil don’t you understand”? “If you’re going to blow smoke up our backsides, at least smoke decent cigarettes.” If sequestration would literally interfere with the gun control quest then the republicans had damned well better see it through!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pizzed.off Pizzed Off

    Wassermann-Schultz needs to stay away from botox. Like Pelosi she’s getting really bug-eyed with her protruding orbs looking like they’re about to pop out of her head like a puffer fish yanked up from the ocean deep.
    I am getting SO tired of the moronic fools spouting their doom and gloom and gut the rich so the Dumbocrats can buy off their voting constituency…….
    I’d have these certifiable idiots read a classic text on what happens to a culture that panders like they do, but I’m doubtful that they could read three syllable words without an audible dictionary handy. Even then I have my doubts.
    In any event, should there BE any Democrats or Liberals (forget the Liberals, they’re definitely too far gone into stupitidy) who can still read WITH COMPREHENSION, I strongly suggest the read Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. It’s THE definitive writing on what brought down Rome, who’s empire was far more vast and wealthy. To synthesize it (to Liberals, that means simplify it for idiots), those in power (like our Democrats) gave goodies to it’s citizenry (that’s the Democrat voting base) to keep their support. In order to continue that support they had to increase their “gifts” to the point that they could not tax enough to pay for it all (just like the Democrats) and the end result was that the previously bought and paid for citizenry turned on them. (Which is what the Republicans and Conservatives are doing in increasing numbers.) We (Conservatives) know that history and are trying to prevent it here, but the illiterate and uneducated masses (thanks to Public “Education” unions) don’t know that history and are blithely following Pie-eyed Obama into oblivion. The smart ones (Conservatives/Republicans) are preparing for the fall and are gathering the reasources to keep the rabble (Liberals and Democrats) at bay when the money flow ceases and the fall occurs.
    And it WILL occur as long as we have irresponsibly greedy people running the show in Washington. When the “Sequester” hits there will be a very small taste of what is to follow.
    Obama pushed it, he signed it to get what he wanted, and now wants to renege. He can shove his head where the sun never shines and live with the consequences. Just like Nero did when Rome burned.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000123849151 Dale Patterson

    I see shutting universities as a plus… they’re full of liberals, and are a magnet for illegal aliens… closing the “institutes of higher learning” looks like a plus to me!!

  • Desert Viking

    I note that the screen capture above is taken from MSNBC. Only the low-information voters/viewers of that network would readily believe anything that comes out of her mouth, or think that a delay in the implementation of the infringement of our second amendment rights would be an unfortunate consequence. So much ado over nothing. The chief reason why Obama and his puppets are scrambling so furiously in recent days and weeks to raise panic among the populace over the pending sequestration is they know it will not have more than a negligible (or even a noticeable) impact on our daily lives, and they are afraid that millions of voters will realize our federal bureaucracy is in fact bloated and over-fed, and could in fact easily survive even further substantial cuts in its diet. They would rather prevent any cuts from happening by lying and conning folks into not allowing any cuts to happen in the first place, because once a few cuts occur, and the economy actually shows improvement, their argument for increased federal government spending will be revealed for the sham it really is.

  • http://twitter.com/vonrowley von anderson

    Fed gov is so smart. They cannot handle the same % reduction in increase of funds that the Voters had forcibly taken from their paychecks. The voters had a real reduction not a reduction of increase.

    Funny, the Govt. is incapable of disciplining their spending but the average citizen manages their expenses.

    Anyone in the telephone book would run the Gov better than WH.

  • chamuiel

    This idiot is opening her mouth,,,,,,again?

  • skepttico

    Good. Maybe they can get Fisker or Solindra to pay up?

  • John W.H.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is to stupid to even let her breed. The only place she can find any one to listen to her babbling is on MSNBC.

  • john

    …does anybody believe this sleezy, socialist, shanky hoe?

  • scottie526

    Debbie Wasserman Schult is a total and oblivious moron to think that a 2.4% cut is going to affect anyone. She should be dismissed from office effective immediately.

  • TA

    In my opinion, Wasserman-Sh*tz is a pitiful excuse and an embarrassment to what America represents. Equally as sad are those that would vote this buffoon into office. Let her and her ilk exercise their own gun control. If someone breaks into her home, maybe she can defend herself with reasoning. Criminals, the ones that laugh at current gun laws, would really take kindly to that.

  • Randy131

    AMENDMENT II … A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Regulating or restricting the right of the people to bear and keep Arms (guns and ammo are considered arms, as well as the magazines that inject ammo into the guns) is an infringement on that right, period. If the federal government is allowed to infringe on this Amendment, there will be none that it can’t or won’t infringe upon, as Catholics and all Christians are warning about Obamacare’s infringement on the 1st Amendement, and the DHS & TSA infringing on the 4th Amendment, and the NDAA passed by Congress and signed into law by Obama, denying the right of Habeas Corpus to all Americans. The federal government under Obama has already violated and infringed upon 8 of the 10 Amendments that constitute the ‘Bill of Rights’, and if Obama declares ‘Martial Law’ for any reason, the federal government will violate the last two Amendments that constitute the ‘Bill of Rights’. Obama signed many ‘Executive Orders’ pertaining to ‘Martial Law’ in 2012, giving unheralded powers to the President when and if ‘Martial Law’ is declared by the President. Are you really that unaware of how close the USA is to a ‘Dictatorship’ today, which the Democrats will gladly accept if it is one of their own that is the ‘Dictator’, which only a declaration of ‘Martial Law’ for any made up reason or crisis will institute a ‘Dictator’. (Example: Crash of the US Dollar caused by an enormous National Debt of $20 trillion or more, or an incredulously high deficit, causing a 3rd downgrade of the USA’s credit rating, the federal government has hidden from the public, with the help of the media,the previous 2nd downgrade of the USA’s credit rating that occurred right before the November Presidential elections)

  • Jed54


    • TexasJester

      Sieg heil!
      Der 4th Reich ist kommen!
      Heil Führer Obama!

  • Dave L.

    Can’t fix UGLY, and you can’t fix STUPID !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RickWizinAz Richard Prokopchuk

    I bet her government salary is safe from sequester cuts. I think government salaries should be stopped before anyone else’s. In fact, they should not be able to run for office again if they do not produce a balanced budget. That needs to be a Constitutional amendment.

  • Stealth

    Debbie washerface Sgt Schultz is about as LOONY as Pelosi… inbreeds I think…

    • TexasJester

      Hey hey! At least Sgt Schultz had SOME common sense – this dorkle doesn’t!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Brownink09 Frank W Brown

    Anyone ever heard of a balanced budget? I mean REALLY! obummer and crew are very successfully spinning the fact that obummer asked for the sequester! It’s unreal that the sheeple just keep their heads in the sand. No spending problem here, move along, nothing to see here!

  • buckofama2010

    What a nasty skank. Liberals are the most butt guy people in the world…inside AND out.

  • Don August

    This whole “sequestration” thing is a joke, and a very bad joke at that! First of all it amounts to a mere 2.4% of the projected spending. There are NO real cuts to actual spending, just a REDUCTION in the amount of growth over the current level of spending. Actual spending will still INCREASE in the next fiscal year, even with this modest reduction. Everything King Obama the Incompetent has said about the upcoming Armageddon is pure unadulterated BS!

    Stop to think that EVERY taxpayer had their own 2% reduction in income due to the FICA tax being restored as of the first of this year. You will incur more reductions due to
    the rising costs of Obamacare, rising energy prices and the resultant rise in everything else that has to be delivered to your local stores. What did/will you do to absorb the reduction in income or to offset these upcoming rises in expenses? Did/will you go without food for one day a week? Did/will you not heat your home in the winter or cool it in the summer? Did/will you deprive yourself or your family of needed medical attention? Of course not! Living in the real world, you had/have to make choices of what non-essential expenses to cut. Perhaps cut a trip to the movies, not renting that DVD or going out for a pizza once a month. Then you can only hope that the government will make the same rational choices. I’m not betting the farm on that approach, however. I’m betting that King Obama the Incompetent will make as many Draconian cuts as he can,
    simply BECAUSE he can!

    A couple of suggestions might be to stop the extravagant parties by GSA personnel and perhaps do what they are supposed to do and sell some of the surplus buildings they
    have in their inventory that are no longer being used. This will have a two-fold positive result by bringing cash into the US Treasury plus all this property will be removed from the local municipalities’ tax-exempt rolls thus bringing them the cash they need to run their local governments. Another suggestion would be for the USDA to stop these idiotic “diversity training” sessions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to some jerk who is telling the gathered employees to repeat “The Pilgrims were illegal aliens.” and
    similar type rubbish.

    Even the DoD can afford to take the hit, if it is done wisely! For starters, do not let any more “cost plus” contracts for anything. Make them all “fixed price” contracts. If a supplier cannot successfully calculate how much they should charge for a contract, perhaps they need better financial people on their payroll. If they screw up, they eat the difference and maybe the next time they’ll do a better job of calculating their costs and anticipated profit! Of course, any modifications made to the original contract by the government would require a new negotiation, but, again, being a fixed price. Now the $300.00 hammer would cost $292.80 which is still not a shabby profit for the supplier!

  • slickzip

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a bigger slut then Debbie does DALLAS ,,,,,,,,,,,

  • stinkerbean

    This woman is so evil I would not trust her or make any deal with her. It would send us straight to hell. She is all about the money. Narcisstic nasty wench. With a name like Wasserman Schultz I would guess that would make her kids German/Jewish/Americans. She does not stand with any of us or them. Don’t trust her. Just let Kharma catch up. Won
    ‘t be fast enough for me.

  • richcarro

    I hate to say this, but the people of this country had better start reading their history books and see what’s happened to other countries when they took guns from the citizens. Now if our school systems start telling the real history of the world and not their own view people won’t be asking for these so called made up gun controls. It’s time for politically correct to be tossed out the window. You can start with interviewing the professors in the colleges and throw out their liberal views. Find out what they are teaching your children with your money. All that money you spent on your children to go to college and they still don’t no anything.

  • Jack_Reacher

    What a sickening picture to see just before bed. Someone please tell me why when I see this woman I start channeling Rodney Dangerfield! She gives sk*nks a good name.

  • rulken1

    Since when did anyone give these special interest groups so much credibility? Charity starts at home! the Federal government needs to go on a diet! We need to get back to basics, adopt a flat tax that everyone can understand, stop sending money overseas to our enemies, even our “neutral” allies, need to learn to support themselves, and stop taking from us! These morons in the senate and congress say, “it’s ONLY a few BILLION” like it’s only a few hundred!
    Let’s face it, the Federal government has grow to big for it’s own britches!

    Stop the spending, and CUT, CUT,CUT!

  • stombut

    Hard to believe, but she is actually doubling down on her ignorance. I thought maybe now that the elections were over they would have changed the recording on her puppet pull cord, apparently not!!!! It is mind boggling at her willingness to lie and make herself less and less credible every time she opens her mouth to marble her words. Anytime I see her name with a video attached I just have to watch. It’s almost like a reality show!!! She is the absolute definition and poster child for a “useful idiot”!!!!!!!

  • Dave L.

    Wasserman-Schultz has a face that could turn a guy queer. That is one ugly Demoncrap !!!

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