DNC Finally Invite Cops on Stage–Then #BlackLivesMatter Does Something DISGRACEFUL! [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.43.36 AMThis is the Democratic party for you. The cop and family members of the slain, basically heckled on stage. Repugnant behavior.

A moment’s silence for slain police officers was interrupted by chants of ‘Black Lives Matter’ during the Democratic convention.

Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez was on stage paying a stirring tribute to the five officers who were gunned down in her city on July 7.

The veteran officer then asked the crowd to remember all of the cops who had fallen in the line of duty with a quiet moment of reflection.

She said: ‘Please help me to honor ALL of America’s fallen officers with a moment of silence.’

Then members of the crowd shouted the controversial slogan, and it was heard all around Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.

Valdez ignored the jeers and carried on with her speech.

‘I am privileged to introduce to you some of the brave family members left behind by our fallen officers. Let’s hear from them,’ she said.

Jennifer Louden, Wayne Walker and parents Wayne Owens and Barbara Owens then walked out onto the stage.

They all had loved ones who were killed while working as police officers.

During her rousing speech, Valdez told the crowd that she was the youngest of eight children brought into a family of migrant workers.

‘When I told my father that I was going to join the police, he got angry. You see, he and my older brothers had been beaten by the police for no legitimate reason.

‘But I stuck with my decision. Years later, whenever I visited, he’d show my badge off to his friends. He saw the good I was doing in my job, and he was proud of me.

‘And I am proud of my fellow officers. When my officers report for duty, they have no idea what might come up that day. When they respond to a domestic violence call, they don’t know whether a relieved victim or an abuser with a gun will answer the door.

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