DOE-EYED BUNNY LOVER: Brutally Attacks SCI-Austin President for Her Stance on Hunting

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.39.13 PMWARNING: This tree humper likes the C*** word… and many more profanities.

Earlier this month Safari Club International’s Austin chapter had their annual banquet. Hundreds of hunters from across the world gathered at the event.

That night alone, thousands of dollars were raised to help conserve animal populations.

Local news stations only became interested in the event when a small, pathetic group of 12 anti-hunters decided to gather outside the event to ‘protest’.

Holding up signs like ‘Hunters Destroy Families’, ‘Animal Lives Matter’, ‘Trade Up to a Camera’, and my most favorite ‘Sorry About Your Small D*ck’, these earth muffins sole goal was to ‘raise awareness’ that trophy hunting is evil and it needs to be banned.

When chapter President Stephanie Wottrich was asked about what she thought of these activists, here is what she had to say:

“Every time I’ve spoken to an anti-hunter they’re pro-choice. So you tell me it’s okay to kill a baby that hasn’t been born yet but it’s not okay for me to kill a deer that I’m gonna eat. If you can justify that to me you might be able to change my mind but until then, there’s no way.”

Sounds like a logical argument.

But one anti-hunter really couldn’t stand Wottrich’s response. So much so, he or she (we never know because these key-board warriors hide behind aliases) felt inclined to e-mail her.

The guy, or gal, goes by the name Chris McCasland ([email protected]); first message reads:

Outdoor Beasts DOE-EYED BUNNY LOVER: Brutally Attacks SCI-Austin President for Her Stance on Hunting

and the second one is pretty similar, only it sounds like he/she made a threat.

Outdoor Beasts DOE-EYED BUNNY LOVER: Brutally Attacks SCI-Austin President for Her Stance on Hunting

Apparently this key-board warrior is a veteran when it comes to insulting women who stand up for hunting and gun rights, with threats made two years before to Dana Loesch.

Now, this article is not a ‘woe is me’ the hunter being attacked by antis. All hunters know this is to be expected and I don’t think any of us really care what these people say.

But that is where we go wrong.

The antis insults are usually all the same. For me, I think that’s why a lot of us ignore them. I mean if you’re going to insult us you could at least be creative about it, right?

However, ignoring these ‘doe-eyed bunny lovers’ has not helped the cause for hunters what so ever. While we are busy putting our money to good use for the preservation of animal species, these antis are cackling and squawking in the ears of politicians.

Because of that, we are seeing certain bans come into play on animals these unfortunate idiots feel are endangered.

It is time we became louder than their cackles of stupidity and take them head on.

This Chris McCasland needs to understand that we are fully aware of his/her vulgar attacks and threats to our fellow hunting patroness, Stephanie Wottrich, and with more tactfulness let him/her know Stephanie does not stand alone.


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