Donna Brazile Plays the Blame-Game, Says She’s a VICTIM of Russian ‘Cyberwarfare’

It took months of denials but Donna Brazile finally admitted to taking advantage of her role at CNN to help out Hillary on town hall debate topics. Brazile said it was “a mistake I will forever regret.” Yeah, she only regrets it because she was caught.

But, in true liberal fashion, she can’t just apologize and own up to her mistakes. No, that would mean she was totally wrong! Brazile is shifting the blame to the media for “carrying on a fake narrative” regarding the recent DNC hack.

What the heck does that have anything to do with it you ask? Brazile explains the media took the email leaks “out of context” (what does she even mean?!) and calling the alleged Russian hacking of Podesta and other Clinton associates “cyber-warfare.”

“The intended victim was Hillary Clinton, and the rest of us, me included, we’re collateral damage.

“If they can take down a woman of stature like Hillary Clinton with bogus stuff and then you have to disprove the negative to make it somehow truthful, you cannot. When the national media is complicit also and carrying on the fake narrative, the fake emails, the spoof-in, and then you have to go out there and try to make it factual.”

BizPac Review notes:

Calling the email hacks, something any teenager could have accomplished given what Podesta’s password turned out to be, a “massive campaign” by a “Russian military unit,” Brazile was quick to latch on to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s assessment of Russia’s alleged actions as “an act of war” for which we’d “better understand the ramifications.”

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