‘DON’T BEHEAD ME BRO’: Bikers in Texas Show up to Islamic Conference on ‘Defend[ing] Prophet Muhammad’ and Did This


This is what a peaceful protest looks like. No molotov-cocktails being thrown, no theft, violence, rapes or beheadings. Couldn’t say as much for the ‘radical Islamists’ when they protest.

According to reports, this conference was a “a movement to defend Prophet Muhammad, his person, and his message.”

Once this group of American bikers got wind of this conference they started planning and executing their plan to disrupt this conference in a peaceful way.

Instead of barging in and causing violence, these American Bikers did something MUCH more powerful.

They all showed up with signs showing just how disgusted they are with Radical Islam and it’s violence across the world.

By the day was over, the number of protesters easily out numbered the amount of people who showed up for the conference.

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