‘WE DON’T KILL WOMEN’: Terrorists Put Gun to Charlie Hebdo Journalist’s Head and Told her ‘Convert to Islam, Read the Qu’ran and Wear a Veil’

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I bet the last thing this woman wants to do is to convert to Islam.

A journalist has revealed how the terrorists who massacred her Charlie Hebdo colleagues spared her life – because she was a woman.

Reporter Sigolene Vinson survived the brutal attack on the French satirical magazine, in which 12 people including six of her co-workers and two police officers were shot dead.

She told Radio France Internationale that one of the killers held a gun to her head, but decided against killing her too.

Miss Vinson said the one of the shooters told her: ‘I’m not killing you because you are a woman and we don’t kill women but you have to convert to Islam, read the Qu’ran and wear a veil.’

She added that the men shouted ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar’ as they fled the scene.

Charlie Hebdo magazine staff thought a terrorist attack on their offices was a ‘joke’ involving fire crackers before being gunned down in cold blood, it emerged today.

Chilling new details of the Paris massacre emerged as police resumed the nationwide manhunt for the two French Algerian brothers believed to be responsible.

Cherif and Said Kouachi have now spent almost two whole days on the run since Wednesday morning’s atrocity, which claimed 12 lives.

Today survivor Laurent Leger, a Charlie Hebdo journalist who was in the room where most of the victims were slaughtered, told how some were laughing when they first heard shots.

‘We thought it was a joke, that it was fire crackers’ said Mr Leger.

‘Then we heard footsteps. The door opened. A guy shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Great)

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