‘DON’T TELL THEM WE’VE LOST’: Teachers’ Union Plans on BRAINWASHING Students to Believe Hillary Won Election is Revealed

Seriously? When you read this, you will flip. The United Educators of San Francisco released a guide on how to teach children about the presidential election. Now we have an answer to where all the future protesters have come from.

By Joel B. Pollak

The guide, called the “Lesson Plan on the November 2016 Election,” informs teachers that “a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base,” and suggests they teach children the same.

In fact, the lesson plan urges teachers not to tell students that Hillary Clinton lost the election (original emphasis): “DO NOT: Tell them that we have LOST and that we have to accept this. We do not have to accept ANYTHING except that we must and will fight for justice against an unjust system and against unjust people.

The guide also recommends that teachers allow students to use profanity when expressing their feelings about the election, because “you would too if you have suffered under the constructs of white supremacy or experienced sexism, or any isms or lack of privilege.”

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