This Drag Queen’s Age Will Leave You Speechless [WATCH]

“If your parents don’t let you dress in drag, you need new parents.”

That’s what 8-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden said. He (or is it she??) is a drag queen. And he started when he was seven.

Not only do many people seem to celebrate this boy, his parents actually do his makeup and encourage him all the way.

The 8-year-olds “stage name” is Lactatia.

This child is participating in drag shows. He most recently did a “voguing” competition.

From what we can gather from a quick internet search (have you ever heard of voguing??) and what we saw in this video, voguing is a modern dance style (if you want to call it such) that involves someone trying to look sexy, failing, and falling on their face (probably because they failed to look sexy?).

The LGBT website, The Advocate, had this to say about the child. (Yes, they love it…)

Encouraged by his supportive parents, Lactatia began taking voguing classes to perfect his art. Lactatia’s public presence grew exponentially after he recently appeared at the Montreal stop of the Werq the World drag tour. RuPaul’s Drag Race star Bianca del Rio invited Lactatia up to the stage and the younger queen charmed the dress off the older queen (though Lactatia admitted his favorite Drag Race queen is Ginger Minj).

Later, Lactatia would perform in a Montreal voguing contest, wowing the crowd with his lithe moves. Looking like a living porcelain doll, Lactatia received a trophy as his parents beamed.

Is no one worried about the mental and developmental health of this kid?!

We are beyond words. How did this become acceptable?

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