DRUM ROLL: And Donald’s VP Picks are…

Who Donald Trump chooses to be his VP will have a YUGE effect on the GOP. Will his choice change your mind about him?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has narrowed his list of potential running mates, saying he has “a very good list of five or six people.”

Speaking to the Associated Press, Trump said he will announce his vice presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention in July. He also reiterated his desire for a running mate with political experience who could help him get legislation passed in Congress.

Potential running mates include:

NAME: Chris Christie
POSITION: Governor of New Jersey

NAME: Joni Ernst
POSITION: Iowa senator

NAME: Jeff Sessions
POSITION: Alabama senator


NAME: Newt Gingrich
POSITION: Former House speaker

NAME: Mike Pence
POSITION: Indiana governor

NAME: Mary Fallin
POSITION: Governor of Oklahoma

NAME: Rick Scott
POSITION: Governor of Florida

NAME: John Kasich
POSITION: Governor of Ohio

NAME: Ben Carson
POSITION: Neurosurgeon

NAME: Susana Martinez
POSITION: Governor of New Mexico

NAME: Sarah Palin
POSITION: Former Alaska governor

NAME: Scott Brown
POSITION: Former Massachusetts senator

NAME: Rudy Giuliani
POSITION: Former New York City mayor

NAME: Marsha Blackburn
POSITION: Tennessee congresswoman

NAME: Bob Corker
POSITION: Tennessee senator



NAME: Rick Perry
POSITION: Former governor of Texas

NAME: Tim Scott
POSITION: South Carolina senator

NAME: John Thune
POSITION: South Dakota senator



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