Off-Duty Cop Shoots and Kills Bank Robber

bankrobbershot_954677_ver1.3_640_480-300x225A man who robbed a bank in Denver was shot and killed Saturday morning after he pointed what appeared to be a gun at an off-duty police officer during his getaway.

According to a local report, the suspect, who has not yet been identified, walked into the bank and demanded money from a teller. After retrieving the cash, the man walked out of the bank and upon seeing the uniformed officer outside, pointed a weapon at him. The weapon was believed to be a gun, Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. At 10:43 the officer shot and killed the suspect.

Jeff Leib, a passerby who witnessed the shooting, said, “We heard three shots — boom, boom, boom.”

Another witness, Chris Higgens, who owns a nearby restaurant, told reporters that the suspect’s lifeless body could be seen at the top of the steps near the entrance, his head covered with a coat.

Within about a minute fire trucks and police cars surrounded the scene and moments later a stretcher was wheeling a body away, which was completely covered with a blanket.

Officers confirmed that the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

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