Dwayne Johnson Plays Criminal in “Pain & Gain”, Steps Out of His Comfort Zone

djMIAMI — In the fact-based crime flick “Pain & Gain,” Dwayne Johnson makes a huge leap from his usual hero/warrior roles of “GI Joe: Retaliation” and “Fast Five.” As Paul Doyle, Johnson is a not-too-smart, impressionable, muscle-bound ex-con who helps another bodybuilder/trainer (Mark Wahlberg) kidnap and rob a client (Tony Shaloub). The scheme soon escalates to murder.

Johnson, who turns 41 on May 2, calls Doyle “a de­fining role for me and a really de­fining movie. It’s such a departure from anything that I’ve done in my career, which is going on 13 years. I’ve never played a character before that was this vulnerable and this easily influenced.

“He goes from trying to find his salvation in Jesus to sniffing cocaine off a woman’s backside ” He gained 15 pounds to play Doyle. “I was in the groove anyways because I was training and just came off of…


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