Community Gives Back: Purple Heart Recipients Go Hunting

joekap-e1355424990197We love our troops here in America.While we in the eagleford shale lodging community are hard at work helping the oilfield workforce, many of our soldiers here at home are on a personal battlefield. A battlefield that is the after effects of the war. Support the war or not, always support the men and women of our armed forces. Our Rockstar CEO, Rod Williams is representing several eagleford shale lodging facilities in support of the Purple Heart Adventures hunt this week from 1/12 til 1/16 in South Texas. and Casa Mechanical of Austin Texas are co-sponsors along with Doug Giles of Clash Daily and Regis Giles of The event will also include entertainment from the super group duo Mac Williams Band , hit writer, singer/songwriter Thom Shepard and singer songwriter actress Colie McCabe. Click here to learn more about this fabulous week of giving back.


If anyone in the Eagleford Shale Lodging community would like to give, click here



  • chuck146


  • Tonto

    Purple Heart recipients should have a free lifetime hunting and fishing licenses from their home state. Even Massachusetts where old men get arrested for defended themselves from bears! Especially if his trying to lure the bear with birdseed!

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