EAR MUFFS: Watch this Welfare “Princess” Go Off on a Reporter After She Finds Out She Isn’t Getting her Free Money

This is what the entitlement mentality has brought people down to. No dignity and the inability to resolve a problem.

It seems that the world’s entitled welfare parasites are bolder than ever as a newly released video clearly demonstrates. Apparently after experiencing some difficulties at her local welfare office, one Australian woman did a little more than just fly off the handle.

The incident reportedly took place in Southport, Queensland, where a reporter had a discussion with the woman. Although it’s unclear if the reporter came out to specifically talk to this woman in particular or was in the area for generalized feedback, he got more than he bargained for.

Demonstrating clearly the entitled mentality that is evolving worldwide as the infection of liberal ideology is allowed to fester across the globe, the clearly irate woman released an extremely obscene rant. Seen blaming everyone from those working in the welfare office to current Prime Minister Tony Abbott, it seems no one is exempt from blame.

Read more: madworldnews.com

**WARNING: Extremely obscene language.**

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