EDEN: A True Story of Sex Slavery in Nevada

edenWearing just their underwear, the girls line up with their backs to the wall, arms by their side, heads down, frozen to the spot. They dare not move.

Their captors walk up and down the line – picking them seemingly at random and tapping them on the shoulder – ‘You, you, you and you… come with me’.

In the back of a warehouse truck, they are driven for miles across the scorching Nevada desert until they reach a hotel. There, they are forced to have sex with up to 25 men one after the other.

This was life for Korean-born American Chong Kim who, at 19 years old, was sold as a domestic sex slave in 1994 to Russian gangsters and held captive for more than two years.

“The clients never came to the warehouse,” she recalled “That was just where we slept. There was nothing there but bed mats on the floor and we would just lay there.

“They would give us colouring books with fat crayons and we would colour. But then we would hear the knock outside the storage unit doors and have to all line up.

“If you were chosen, we would get in the truck and there would be a gallon of water between us. You could tell it was hot outside because it was made out of metal aluminium and it was too hot to touch.

“We were sweating when we got to the room and we’d get a make up bag and toiletries and they’d say ‘you have ten minutes to take a shower’. They would have lingerie laying on the bed.

“I remember sitting in the shower because it felt so good to be in water that I just cried. When I was done I had to basically lay in bed naked waiting for the customer to come in.”

About half of her clients were American and others were Russian but some had accents she wasn’t familiar with – they could have been British, Australian or European, she couldn’t tell.

“They all had one hour to spend time with us but most of the time they didn’t spend the whole hour, they just came in, raped us and then they would leave. And then we had to shower for the next client. That was pretty much our day.”

The traffickers would take up to 15 girls to ‘service’ hundreds of men in one day.

“One time, I could hear the screaming on the other side of the hotel room and I could tell another girl was being raped and she was screaming and it was really, really hard for me to concentrate.

“And when we got done throughout the day we would get so sore that I remember asking for a bag of ice and had to put it between my legs because it hurt so much.”

Sometimes the girls were returned to the warehouse, sometimes they didn’t. Any attempts at fighting back or escaping were met with brutal beatings and torture.

“I tried to escape numerous times,” says Chong, now 38. “I remember one time the warehouse truck stopped somewhere and we had to get out to get changed and use the bathroom and that’s when I started running.

“We were in the middle of the desert and I didn’t know where I was. The next thing I knew, I had what I think was a crowbar hit me in the back of the head. When I woke up, I was tortured. I was on a meat hook and beaten like a piñata. Other times they would bust both my knee caps or they would put me in a tub of ice naked.”

As time went on, she would witness as much cruelty as she was subjected to and she would regularly be transported with up to 50 other girls from warehouse to warehouse, state to state.

The girls were all ages and ethnicities, some having being trafficked through Europe or Russia before ending up in the USA.

“I witnessed murders, tortures, sodomy, rape,” she says quietly. “The youngest girl I saw there was just seven years old. They tied me down and made me watch her get raped by 12 adult men. It made me so sick to my stomach. I still see her face in my dreams.”

Forcefully injected with heroin, meth and cocaine and held in a dark, windowless warehouse, time ceased to exist.

“I never knew what time it was because we never had a window to look out. There were times when it would feel like forever,” she said.

“I turned into a puppet, I got tired of fighting back. There were moments where I asked for help and nobody helped me. The traffickers would say, ‘see you are nothing, that is why nobody is helping you’.

“We had no military guys or swat teams to come in and break down the doors and rescue us, that was a dream.”

Her only option was to gain the trust of her traffickers and rise up the ranks to find a way to escape.

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  • zknight2

    ALL the men involved should go to prison for a long time. This is a vile, disgusting crime and needs to be in the same level as kidnapping, rape, child molestation. Too bad we can’t give these people who commit these crimes the death penalty! And you can bet that the people that do this are from mexico or asia and here illegally!

    • Cracker Jack John

      Sounds more like they should be executed.

      • bahndon

        these people can not be re-educated !!!!

        • rick0857

          Sure they can ask any liberal democrat especially one from any major university in the nation.

      • Scott

        I think there privates should be cut off and left to bleed out, every damn one of them. Their private parts hung out to dry so everyone can see them.

      • ajsdfhjsdf

        I’ll help you :D

    • right wing extreme

      All the men should NOT go to prison! What is the point of that?! All of the men should be tortured and beheaded!!!!

    • ajsdfhjsdf

      Listen to what she was saying, not all of them were.

  • NatDee

    This is crazy. Why cant anyone do something.? Only the death penalty will serve them right!

    • john

      ..or, they could go work for ovomit and the socialist……he will hire them!!

  • Doc

    Law enforcement are too busy going after TEA Party people and retired military to be bothered.

    • rumennek

      They get a nice big fat check lets be honest , …

  • carpkiller

    I think Harry Reid is part of this.

  • Watchdogman

    I heard Harry Reid was part of this slave thing???

  • bahndon

    multiculturalism in america ???

  • TC

    How many jails would be filled to stop this?

    Sex traffickers are another reason for ccw.

    If we see the truth we can turn away from doing evil.

    This story helps to do that.

  • Swed.

    LEA, Judges and politicians are often the clients. The Cops turn a blind eye in most cases, rarely are these rings busted, too profitable for the politicians and cops.

  • Joanne

    We need to find these girls! We need to get them home and have them become safe again! Kids are always disappearing and we don’t know where they are. I think this might be the answer to the disappearance. Sex slavery has got to stop. We need to execute the sex slavers as kidnappers.

    • right wing extreme

      Yes execution is the ONLY answer!!!

    • ajsdfhjsdf

      yes..I think we see now where they have gone. We must fight the monsters!

  • gypsy314

    Obama and crooks are commies and best friends why do you think China is buying America and Russia doing what they want.

  • teaman

    So, how many women did they find in Dirty Harry’s home?

    • ajsdfhjsdf


  • rick0857

    It is stories like these that clearly shows why we need to bring back Justifiable Homicide Laws. So that anyone with a CCW should they stumble across a situation like this or witness this has the authority to shoot to kill these animals on sight.
    It would have to be a CCW holder otherwise anyone else would have to leave the scene then return which is premeditated. In the time it takes to leave, get a weapon and return you could have notified law enforcement. Whereas a CCW holder can just shoot right then and then call the law to clean up which is what they do best anyway.

  • ajsdfhjsdf

    OMG. This woman is exactly my age. The part about the little seven-year old …. tell me where those 12 adult men are. because I will give the rest of my life to take each and every one off this shithole of a planet and avenge her and everyone else.

    Think about.. how many movies or tv shows with parents whose children have died or been kidnapped, and we feel for them…what happens if they know that their small little baby was gang-sodomized by middle aged men until she died? Dear god how can this be in this life?

    I want to know what the EFFECT of her testimony was…where are they all hiding? I just need to know where to sign up.

  • ajsdfhjsdf

    As a society we need to start admitting that some humans are not true people but monsters, MISTAKES who need to be euthanized because they are not like us- they were born evil. And that pacifism is not the cost of living in civilization, it is the result.

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