EliminaTED: Cruz is Officially Out of the Race… Mathematically at Least

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.11.16 AMIt’s been a long and hard battle for Ted Cruz, but last nights elections dealt the final blows. Will he drop out now or will he continue on to run? Give us your thoughts below.


It is clear that Cruz was eliminated tonight.
It is not clear yet on how devastating the final numbers will be for Ted Cruz.

After winning all five primaries tonight —  Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania — Donald Trump has 950 delegates so far.

Ted Cruz finished third in Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island.

There are fewer delegates remaining than we originally projected because the delegates in Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota were allocated in shady voter-less elections after April 2nd.

After tonight’s primaries Cruz has — 560 delegates after winning one delegate Tuesday.
Cruz needs 677 delegates to reach 1,237 delegates.
There are only 622 available.
It’s over.

Here is the updated chart with tonight’s results.
cruz numbers eliminated

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