EPIC BATTLE: Man Reels in World Record Lake Trout and Flips a Lid [VIDEO]

Ice fishing barley seems worth it when I live in Miami, where there is a tropical climate and world class fishing out my back door, but this guy’s fish just might get me out there.

Watch this dude reel in the biggest lake trout he has ever caught. He flips a lid!

About the author: Regis Giles

Regis Giles is the creator and owner of Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.com and is a leading voice for Second Amendment rights, self-defense and conservation. She is the first female black belt out of the Valente Brothers Academy in Miami, FL. Unafraid to speak her mind, Regis takes no prisoners. Her media appearances include: ELLE Magazine, Variety, The Daily Mail, ABC, BBC, CNN, CBS Miami, & Fox News.

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