EPIC! Clint Eastwood HAMMERS Political Correctness Crybabies

When you think of Hollywood actors who are real life [email protected], Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood pop to mind.

Real reason is because there are hardly any men in Hollywood that can live up to these guys’ level of coolness.

Clint Eastwood, still alive and kicking, has made it his personal goal to offend the crybabies of the left whom can’t deal with real life.

He has kind of been doing it for a long time now too.

Eastwood’s movie Dirty Harry started the PC battle before there ever really was one:

“It was far-out at that time, so I brought it to [director] Don [Siegel], and he liked it,” Eastwood recalled Sunday during a visit to the Cannes Film Festival. “A lot of people thought it was politically incorrect. That was at the beginning of the era that we’re in now with political correctness. We are killing ourselves, we’ve lost our sense of humor. But I thought it was interesting and it was daring.”

Eastwood has waxed lyrical on the theme of political correctness before. Last year, he hailed Mr Trump as a foe of political correctness and ‘the kiss-ass generation’.

‘We’re really in a p*ssy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells,’ he said. ‘We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.’

Things that people consider racist these days include…

Liberals Claim SALADS are Now RACIST Because…

TRUE STORY: College Snowflake Makes ASININE Argument That MILK is Racist

It Is Now RACIST to Expect This Common Courtesy

QUESTION: Are ‘Tomahawk’ Missiles Racist?

School Superintendent Calls Parents RACIST for Being Angry At Illegals Who RAPED Student

…the list goes on.

If only the world wasn’t so offended, then maybe we could solve real problems going on instead of focusing on minutia.

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