EPIC: Loan Asian Man Silences Group of Protestors with One Simple Phrase [WATCH]

We all need the power this guy holds to silence all these anti-Trump protestors. Absolutely EPIC!!

Don’t mess with the library guy.

Anti-Trump protesters at the University of Washington were firmly reminded that their shouting -in a library – was not appreciated.

About two dozen social justice warriors gathered in the normally quiet zone, a couple students wielding megaphones, and began to chant ‘Who’s got the power?’ ‘We’ve got the power!’ ‘What kind of power?’ ‘Equal power!’

But just as the momentum is getting louder, a lone voice calling ‘Hey, hey … hey!’ interrupts the protest. Everyone quiets down as the camera dramatically pans to a young man in a dark-blue buttoned up shirt and glasses.

‘This is library!’ he scolds them.

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