‘EVERY WOMAN IS A 10’: Heidi Klum Gets Serious about Trump Dig

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.59.00 AMFrom joke to serious note. Check out what Heidi is saying now about Trump’s dig at her.

When Donald Trump took a shot at Heidi Klum — declaring that the model and “America’s Got Talent” host is “no longer a 10” — she shot back with a hilarious video clip making light of it all.

But it’s not really a laughing matter to her.

“Personally, I have no idea what I have to do with the election,” Klum told Access Hollywood of Trump’s decision to bring her up during his political bid. “Why do I come into play with this election? Like that doesn’t make sense to me to be honest with you.”

“I was just making light of the situation because it was kind of funny … but really, the whole entire situation about women is not really funny, you know, to put a number on a woman,” she said. “We juggle so many things and I feel that, you know, women who support their families, who have children, who make their lunches, drive them all over the place, work at the same time, I mean, we do so many things, so in my book, every woman is a 10.”

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