Exorcising The Demons: Church Addresses Suicide Increase With Exorcism

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In a strange epidemic of suicides, a Colombian Archbishop addresses it by casting out some demons. Check it.

Archbishop Flavio Calle Zapata, of Ibagué, Colombia, has instructed local parishes to offer an exorcism prayer because of the alarming increase in suicides in his archdiocese.

During the year 2014, seventy people have committed suicide in the region, and violence has also been on the rise.

Last Sunday, the archdiocese sponsored a “day of exorcism.” The Archbishop said that in today’s world “there is a culture of permissiveness” and what disturbs us “is that Satanism has also spread among our young people.”

The Archbishop said that “in all the churches of the archdiocese of Ibagué and the diocese of Espinal, the prayer of Pope Leo XIII has been recited, asking St. Michael the Archangel to defend families and young people from demonic temptations and attacks on life.”

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