Expert at West Point Think Tank Warns of the “Violent Far-Right”

Dr. Arie PerligerWest Point created the Combating Terrorism Center after the events of 9/11, in an effort to prepare cadets for the new and dangerous environment of suicidal enemies and thwart future attacks. Sounds good and noble, and in the context of West Point should be well-founded.

However, Dr. Arie Perliger, one of the Center’s experts, published a study in November titled Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right. There is something tremendously unsettling about seeing the words “America’s Violent Far-Right” in the title.

In Challengers, Perliger attempts to sideline West Point’s time-honored motto: Duty, Honor, Country.

Dr. Perlinger’s bio boasts, “…In the past decade Dr. Perliger has studied extensively issues related to Terrorism and Political Violence, Politics of Security, Politics of the Far Right in Israel, Europe”, and yet he seems afflicted with terrorist event amnesia.

Was it not fundamental Islamists who flew planes into the Twin Towers? Was it not Islamist Jihadis who bombed the USS Cole? Was not the number 1 terrorist in the world Usama bin Laden, the hero of Al Qaeda…one of the most evil, Islamist terror organizations in the world?

Why then would Dr. Perlinger, a Golda Meir Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem publish a study inferring a threat of violence from the right in America?

Millions of Constitution-loving Americans identify themselves as part of the “Right”. And what was once merely a Conservative in the lexicon of political discourse, is now labeled “Far-Right”. However, the Left is almost never caricatured as the “Far-Left” in media, in spite of their adherence to Socialist (and worse) tenets!

On page 4 of his study Dr. Perlinger writes concerning those he labels “far right”…


  • whirlledpeas

    Was it not Israel who attacked the Liberty..w/American Servicemen aboard?..and we let it happen?..What country steals more of our top secret info? Iran? not quite!…Who goes into Lebonon who has no military force of any capture their enemies…ever been to Lebonon? It’s like visiting any otherwise European country..They are more European in way of life than any Middle Eastern country..The Hezbola don’t kill them but the Israeli doesn’t care!..collateral damage is acceptable!

    BTW some think the murders in Sandy Hook were a set-up..I think the 9/11 fiasco was a well orchestrated plan on our part!!…..Agendas get results!

    • DrDulcamara

      Uh-oh…TROOFER DOUCHE MONKEY ALERT! “9/11 was an inside job!”

      Yeah…da JOOOS did it! Just like the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in oh-so-civiilized Lebanon?

      You can go back to the basement of your mother’s trailer now. “Call of Doody” is waiting for you on yer XYZBoX. You just went full retard…never go full retard.

      • whirlledpeas

        This the way you talk to those who go to your gun shop?who might not agree with your knowledge?..

        I take it Troofer means Troll.?.don’t get the da jooos part..sounds like a slant on Jews,,don’t make that all too common mistake about Israel and Jews!.

        Bombing of Marine barracks was not done by Lebanese it was done in Lebanon!!…I’ve traveled to Lebanon, nice people..really don’t like being in the middle of everyone’s war!! since they really have no defense force!…

        .My mother passed away about 6 years ago and never owned a that your pathetic way of insulting a person who doesn’t see eye to eye w/ you??..back to school! ..or stick w/ selling guns!!.

        .btw..when you hit me w/another lame retort….Straw purchasing of a gun is illegal !..yes /no? is in most states and the Fed. law

        PS: I’ve read most of the comments through out this site and some are very interesting and some I’ve talked with interesting as’re not much for discussion..more for critisizing anothers discussion..I can do with a lot more of them and a lot less of your kind.

        Blogging. is supposed to be interesting!

        • DrDulcamara

          I don’t talk this way to people in my gun shop because none of my customers are as intellectually vacuous as you.

          Don’t know the epithet of “Troofer”? Let me give you a clue from your own post: “I think the 9/11 fiasco was a well orchestrated plan on our part!!…..Agendas get results!” So Bush did it? Is that the “Troof”?

          Da TROOF? You can’t handle da TROOF!

          Make a mistake about Jews in Israel? What mistake? According to the CIA World database, Israel is 76.4% Jewish, the Paelstinian Authority is 20% and the remainder is anybody’s crap shoot. So what’s the “common mistake” I’ve made, Slick?

          The bombing was not done by the Lebanese? OK, so who was it? The North Korean farm team? Sinn Fein baristas? Dirty Hippie tofu militias taking a wrong turn to the lesbian strip club?
          Howzabout Hezbollah who, last time I checked, were well SURPRISE…Lebanese. Jeez dude, take a cultural geography class. My co-worker Harout is a Christian Lebanese who was thrown out of his homeland in 1985 by SURPRISE AGAIN…the Lebanese crap weasels of Hezbolloah.

          And exactly WHERE did I make any mention of straw purchases? How much bong water did you drink today? Rather than visualize “whirled peas” try turning off the blender and pay attention to what’s in front of you…keeps you from tripping over the speed bumps while crossing the street.

          As to the mewling prattle about your deceased mother…dude, she ain’t dead…she’s embarrassed to be seen with you in public.
          And is it MY fault that you make it so easy lying there with a big sign on your zipper that says “Kick me”?

          I’m more than willing to have an *intelligent* discussion with you but you’d have to have something intelligent to say at the get go to remotely impress me other than spewing nonsense about 9/11 Trutherisms and government conspiracies twaddle.

          I’d be nicer if you were smarter.

          Sure, blogging should be interesting but if you can’t make it through the jungle of invective, you might consider hitting the books and sharpen your verbal machete and not be such a calculated wuss cake crawling through the hedgerows.

          • whirlledpeas

            It was Jews ..’and’..Israel..Most American Jews and their are more here than there don’t like what Israel is do you know I’m not Jewish?!..and I don’t read made up words..Troof means nothing to me..truth does!..I was being facetious about 9/11 to a rediculous earlier claim that the murders at Sandy Hook was a plot,,to take our guns!..I did not visit this place to argue w/ you which is something you do! Its about all you do, .it is you to be rude ,crude and controlling…and It’s accepted here..When you cannot say more you resort to childish banter and bullying..I try to keep things simple!..ask questions and never rude….I love your wording it’s amusing..I like that on a blog site I don’t have to be politically correct and can misspell as many others do..what I do in life is stressfull.and I don’t need it here..I find this ‘only’ on conservative this..the Clash Daily..others! fini

            PS: suggest you read up on who attacked the US Marines in Lebanon..numerous insurgent groups hide in that country because it has no real way to rid themselves of them..they asked the US,, who turned them down…Almost all Lebanese are Catholic..or at least Christian..there are some refugees who are Muslim ..

          • DrDulcamara

            Yup…another anti-Semite Troofer…da JOOOS killed the Marines! Uh-huh., sure, whatever. Building a gas chamber near your mother’s trailer there, Herr Whirlypeas?

            You try to “keep it simple” because simpletons usually do. Good luck with that.

            You find things “stressful” only on conservative sites because you’re not a conservative. You’re a liberal troll who has admitted to others of your social progtard ilk on Common Dreams that you’ve changed your screen name to obfuscate your true intentions.

          • whirlledpeas

            Anti-semite troofer..Semite is indicative of all both jews and arabs in that part of the planet….I have a stress life in work not in blogging if again you read it correctly..but as your history of all I’ve read of you on this pick out!!..I’m a liberal troll..well I’m no liberal; ..the rest is your opinion..and I often change my screen name!..I like World Peace ..the best..from a Sat. nite live skit in the 1970’s..I also mentioned no PC.. was nec. on blog sites and I could let my hair down and be goofy!…You’d like what I do..fini

          • DrDulcamara

            HOOHOO! WhirlyPeas bails out! Obviously his intellectual Viagra prescription ran out!

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