FAMOUS MUSICIAN: Carlos Santana Calls Trump a Poop-Slinging ‘Angry Ape’

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.25.09 AMPlease Carlos, tell us how you really feel. This will paint a pretty picture in your mind.

Apparently rocker Carlos Santana will not be voting for Donald Trump. He used his Facebook page to post an open letter praising President Obama and referring to the Republican candidate for president as an angry ape who has “no consciousness or integrity.”

“Regarding Mr. Trump …. I remember when I was a child living in Tijuana. I often crossed the border to visit the San Diego Zoo,” Santana writes. “I would hear loud screams and commotion in the distance. As I came closer to the sound, I noticed everyone was staring at an ape in a glass cage. The ape was staring back at the crowd that gathered. With an angry look of disgust, the ape defecated in his hand and threw it at the crowd. This is what I hear when Mr. Trump speaks.

“The Republicans and Mr Trump are selling hate and fear. That is the opposite of what our Country stands for. Let’s go forward with light and love into the future. Pull humanity up, take the high road and look at the aerial view. Peace on Earth now, not later.”

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