FBI Investigates at Vigo County School Corp, Lawyers FORCED to Stay Away

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.56.43 AMThis seems to be somewhat of a mystery. Check out the details. Why do you think the FBI are there?

Details are few at this time, but there is an FBI investigation underway at the Vigo County School Corporation building and other locations in Terre Haute.

News 10’s Hunter Petroviak, who is at the school corporation, reports there are FBI agents as well as Indiana State Police there right now in downtown Terre Haute. ISP has confirmed that they are only there for security reasons.

No information has been released as to why they are on scene but a media contact with the FBI did tell News 10 that there is an FBI investigation in Terre Haute at this time.

News 10 has reached out to Vigo County School Superintendent Danny Tanoos; at this time we have not heard back. Our crew also witnessed VCSC attorney, Joe Etling outside of the building and was asked to leave by an FBI agent.

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