FEELING THE HEAT: Islamic State Launches Attack On US Training Base

Operation Enduring Freedom

It sounds like ISIS is losing the upper hand. Iraqi troops are hitting back hard.

The Islamic State carried out a coordinated suicide bomber attack against the air base in western Iraq housing 320 US Marines. The Pentagon confirmed the extremist group has taken control of al-Baghdadi, which is just eight kilometers away from the base.

The Friday attack was conducted by approximately 25 Islamic State fighters, the Pentagon told Reuters, and several suicide bombers were involved. Some of them were reportedly able to detonate their vests, though the exact number is unclear. Some of the militants were able to sneak into the base wearing Iraqi uniforms, and they were killed by Iraqi troops when fighting broke out.

There are approximately 320 Marines at the base training Iraqi security forces, though the Pentagon said Marines were not involved in the fighting. No US or Iraqi casualties have been reported.

Al-Baghdadi, located in Iraq’s Anbar province, had been under siege by radical Sunni Islamist militants for months and much of the Anbar province was captured by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) during its rapid advance into northern and western Iraq last summer.

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