The police had the protesters dispersed in less than 20 minutes. #GoProtestSomewhereElse

Tuesday night a protest organized by the group Mothers Against Police Brutality started at Dallas Police Headquarters and quickly morphed into a march that proceeded north on Lamar, onto Interstate-35E and into Dealey Plaza. Crowds in lanes of traffic forced police to close a portion of the interstate.

policeFor a short time protestors marched in the main lanes of traffic. Just before 10:30 pm, Dallas police worked to try and get the group off of an I-35 ramp. Dozens of police cars blocked the highway in front and in back of the protestors and traffic sat at a complete stop for miles.

Protestors later linked arms but kept moving. When the group reache the intersection of South Houston Street and Commerce they stop and kneeled on the ground with their hands up.

Earlier Tuesday dozens of people gathered outside Dallas Police Department headquarters and held a prayer vigil for Michael Brown. The gathering was planned and attended by a coalition of pastors from across North Texas.

Friendship West Baptist Church Pastor Freddie Haynes told CBS 11 News, “We wanted to have a forum to release the rage that we feel at the injustice that not only exists in Ferguson, but the sad reality is there’s a Ferguson right here in Dallas as it relates to the lack of a healthy relationship with the black community, brown community, poor people and the criminal justice system.”

While the decision in Ferguson has triggered violence there has been no such expression of outrage here, despite several instances of officers shooting unarmed men.

The closest and most recent example of public discourse over a police shooting happened in 2012 when a police officer shot and killed James Harper in the Dixon Circle community of south Dallas.

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