FINALLY: Chris Christie calls for investigation of New Jersey agency’s response to boy-with-gun photo

NJ kidNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is asking the attorney general to probe the state’s visit to the home of a man who uploaded a photo on Facebook of his 10-year-old son holding a military-style rifle.

The state child welfare agency and local police went to the Carneys Point home of Shawn Moore on March 14 following what police say were anonymous calls expressing concern about the safety of a child.

Moore has said he believes he was investigated because of the photo he posted online of his son holding the gun he got for his 11th birthday. The weapon was a .22-caliber rifle made to look like an assault rifle.

Moore said that state child welfare workers and police in SWAT gear showed up at his home, the caseworkers were aggressive and the visit was uncalled for.

The department has been under years of court-monitoring and has been criticized in several cases where children who died or were in peril were not checked on.

In a moment of heightened sensitivity around guns and gun control, the brief saga had the makings of a debate starter between people who oppose guns and those who say authorities are overzealous about even legal weapons.

  • Roy F Wilt

    About time! There may be hope for Christy yet!

    • barbiecakes

      He believes in global warming and is anti-gun. I don’t trust him.

    • Brooklynresident

      He’s just looking to keep in office. He did the worst damage when he licked Obama’s boots just before the election-and then STILL didn’t get the money for it! I don’t think-like any politician-that he can be trusted.

  • Christian Dystopian

    The Gestapo tactics of Child Welfare agencies across the US coupled with their callous disregard for the tragic need of the difficult but not politically usable cases is legendary. I suspect they too will become part of the DHS as total control of the Citizen becomes the norm for Both the Progressive Democrats & the equally controlling Tea Party GOP.

  • laacea

    All those Government agencies that showed up at that families home are the only one’s that were endangering the kids at the home they raided. I hope they sue everyone individualy then each agency that was involved in this despicable act of stupidity by all agencies involved!!! I wonder what they would do if they saw my daughter with her 50cal. Barrett model
    82A1 letting a few rounds go down range. I think they wouldn’t know what to do… that damn thing is taller then she is! One for sure she is one hell of a shot!!! She said if anyone ever tried to take her guns away she said that she would give them the bullets first one at a time as they came out the end of the barrel. She is 13yrs old and has been on the honor roll every month since school started straight A student and wants to be a Neuro surgeon… yes she wants to operate on brains! Proud father!!!

    • Black Rain

      I would be honored to have her and her family as a neighbor. I can only bet you do not live in Illinois.
      God bless you, happy Easter

    • Show Me

      Good for her. If she wants to be a Neuro surgeon, it’s for sure she won’t have many democrats for patients!!!!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Too bad that government bureaucrats that abuse their job descriptions NEVER spend years in prison for being stupid isn’t it?

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