The First Date: Father Takes his Little Girl on Her First Date, the Back Story Behind the Video is Heart Melting [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: Ok, so this is cuteness overload! It’s great to see dad’s playing their role as a father. Watch the video, then read the back story behind it. Your heart will melt.

When a dad goes out for his first “date night” with his darling little girl in this ad for an insurance company, it’s a charming watch that will move you. But it’s the story behind this “insurance company” that will really pull your heartstrings.

“BeCause of Camilito” is not just your average “insurance company,” it’s a charity organization that donates its proceeds to children in poverty around the world. Its website explains in touching fashion how it came to be:

As a part of my work, I’d been signed up to take a “vision trip” to Colombia with Compassion International, and since I was going all that way, I thought it would be neat to sponsor a child I might actually be able to visit. Within hours of our big insurance business meeting I had emailed Compassion, sponsored a child, and was on a plane bound for Colombia.

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