Your Fists are Big, My Gun is Bigger: Woman to Intruder ‘DO YOU SEE HOW BIG THIS GUN IS?’

BIG GUNAn Ohio woman facing an intruder in the morning hours of September 29 pulled a .357 magnum and asked, “Do you see how big this gun is?”

Toledo’s reports that Betty Collins heard a commotion by her front door and went outside to find 21-year old Thomas Lee Johnson “trying to steal one of the bikes chained to the porch.”

When she told Thomas to get off the porch, he allegedly went around to the other side of the bike and continued trying to work it loose. Collins said, “He was going to remove the chain, [and] take the bike.”

Collins waited for her boyfriend to come out of the house. When her boyfriend’s presence did not faze the would-be burglar, Collins pulled her .357 magnum and told Thomas to get on the ground until police arrived.

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