Flashback: Even Obama Said DACA was a Temporary Program

Yesterday President Trump announces that the DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — program would not be renewed; keeping his campaign promise to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Former President Obama has pooh-poohed Trump’s decision, although Donald has given Congress to act on the issue, claiming his actions are unconstitutional.

Apparently Obama has had a laps in memory.

Via Herman Cain: DACA was created via executive order back in 2012. Obama has called the decision to end it “cruel” and “self-defeating.” As usual, his outrage is patently, provably, phony.

Obama himself admitted that DACA was a “temporary stop-gap measure” during the very speech where he announced its existence. It was never supposed to be permanent, and it wasn’t a path to citizenship…

Clearly Obama didn’t believe his own words. It’s nice to see another president hold up a previous president’s promise. Rarely do we see government programs stay temporary.

Our IRS and welfare programs are a great example of the destruction such organizations can cause if implemented in the long run.

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