Florida Man ‘Posing’ as Jihadist was Planning Attack on 9/11

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 9.45.00 AMWhen you talk like a jihadist and act like a jihadist, you’re most likely a jihadist.

A Jewish-American man has been arrested for allegedly posing as a jihadist online to help plot an attack on a September 11 memorial in Kansas City, Missouri.

Joshua Ryne Goldberg, 20, was arrested at his parents’ home in Orange Park, Florida on charges of distributing information related to destructive devices and weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Thursday.

Authorities say Goldberg had been unknowingly communicating with an FBI informant for the past two months, instructing the undercover agent on how to manufacture a homemade bomb.

Goldberg allegedly believed he was helping to plot a Boston Marathon-style attack on the Kansas City Stair Climb, a 9/11 memorial event planned for Sunday in Missouri.

In his online conversations with the informant, Goldberg initially claimed responsibility for inspiring the June shooting at a cartoon convention in Garland, Texas. The gunmen, Elton Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi, targeted the convention because there was a planned competition to draw the Muslim prophet Muhammad, which is considered blasphemy in the Islamic religion. They were the only two fatalities of the incident.

Around mid-August, Goldberg started talking to the informant about his hopes that ‘there will be some jihad on the anniversary of 9/11,’ according to the affidavit.

‘We could make pipe bombs and detonate them at a large public event,’ Goldberg tweeted to the informant, using the account AusWitness.

It was reportedly Goldberg who suggested the Kansas City Stair Climb, calling it ‘the perfect place’ because it would attract a large amount of people.

The event, scheduled for Sunday, involves 343 firefighters making the 110-story climb to the top of the Town Pavilion high-rise building in Kansas City, Missouri in honor of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.

Goldberg is said to have given detailed instructions on how to make a homemade bomb, not unlike the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombing which killed three and injured more than 260.

‘Don’t buy all the materials at once or the [derogatory word for non-Muslims] will know you’re up to something. Buy them at different stores,’ he allegedly tweeted.

He instructed the informant to stuff the bomb with ‘shards of metal and nails. … Broken glass would probably work too. Just put as much sharp stuff as you can in there.’

‘If you can, dip the screws and other shrapnel in rat poison before putting them in. That way, the [derogatory word for non-Muslims] who get hit by them will be more likely to die,’ he allegedly wrote.

When it came to the bombing itself, Goldberg reportedly advised: ‘Get FAR away from the bomb, brother. There’s going to be chaos when it goes off. Shrapnel, blood and panicking [derogatory word for non-Muslims] will be everywhere.’

Goldberg is also accused of sharing pictures of a bomb he was allegedly constructing, which he allegedly claimed contained ‘2 lbs of explosives’.

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