FORMER U.S. MILITARY ADVISOR: There Would be No ISIS Without Iraq Invasion

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.49.28 AMDavid Kilcullen, former Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army, is calling his work on the Iraq war the biggest ‘screw-up’. See why.

“There would be no Isis if we had not invaded Iraq,” a former military advisor to the US has said while warning that al-Qaeda is also on the rise once more.

David Kilcullen, who was once reprimanded by Condoleezza Rice for calling the Iraq War “f****** stupid”, was seconded to the US Department of Defence in 2004 and fulfilled various roles for the American government and Nato for the next six years.

Formerly a Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army, he became America’s “Chief Strategist in the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism” to formulate counter-insurgency strategies in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and South East Asia.

Now running his own consultancy, he has written a book, Blood Year, charting the rise of Isis and the “failures of the war on terrorism”.

“The environment that we find ourselves in now is almost undeniably worse than it was at the beginning of the war on terror in 2001,” Lt Col Kilcullen told Channel 4 News.

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