FREE MONEY: Switzerland Votes if EVERYONE Should Get Government Income–Whether They Work or Not

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.22.34 AMIf you want to see a collapse of a nation, try something like this. This is a preview of what life would be like under a Bernie Sanders admin.

Voters are going to the polls in Switzerland in a referendum on a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income of £1,750 a month for everybody living in the country.

The initiative by Basel cafe owner Daniel Haeni and allies has scant chances of victory but public interest in the matter is huge, far beyond Swiss borders.

Supporters said introducing a monthly income of 2,500 Swiss francs (£1750) per adult and 625 francs per child under 18 would promote human dignity and public service.

Opponents, including the government, said it would cost too much and weaken the economy.

Campaigners tried to gain international attention by creating a poster bigger than a soccer field asking ‘What would you do if your income was secure?’ and showing it in Geneva and Berlin, and, via a video of the performance, in New York.

They had also handed out free 10-franc notes to passersby.

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