FREE THE NIPPLE: Feminists at UC San Diego Flash their Nips to ‘Normalize the Female Breast’ [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.01.56 AMI think this movement had more men supporters than women.

Armed with a message — but no tops — more than 100 students at UC San Diego gathered Wednesday with this message: “Free the Nipple.”

“Yes, I just want everyone to learn to love themselves and love other people, too, so the world can be a better place,” said Anni Ma of Free the Nipple UCSD, who helped organize the event on campus.

“We’re having a topless movement where everyone is sitting down with their tops off, both men and women, to show that we can normalize the female breast,” Ma added. “It felt, actually, really normal, and everyone just did it and it wasn’t a big deal, like, that’s how I felt.”

Ma said it’s all about equality.

“It’s just not fair that a woman will get harassed and then get put in jail and then have to fight to prove her innocence while her counterpart will have no problem with doing that. It’s kind of rough and it’s just not fair,” said Ma.

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